We have developed a database of published and unpublished Mg/Ca and UK37' using an online Postgre server. The database is quite powerful and can be queried (SQL) using multiple criteria: e.g., age range, #points, SDs, water depth, lat, long. At this time the database is only open to researchers at CEREGE, but we plan to make it available to outside participants in the project by late Spring or early summer.

Presently, the database consists of 78 Mg/Ca record and 40 UK37' records. The data come from well dated records, with radiocarbon dating in the youngest part. The records are well distributed between ocean basins (49 Pacific, 32 Indian, 27 Atlantic), with cores largely confined to ocean margins. We are already able to make preliminary estimates of LGM SST changes for the two proxies, which largely agree with prior summaries, but with enhanced precision. The database has been updated by adding data sets for the Holocene part within the ANR Belmont PacMedy project whose support is acknowledged.


The project goals were detailed in a short summary published in the PAGES newsletter :
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